O​.​W​.​L. Remix Collection

by 41st and Home

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The Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (O.W.L.) is a non-profit organization based out of Delta, BC that is dedicated to public education and the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned birds of prey. Two to three hundred owls, eagles, hawks and others come through the facility each year with injuries ranging from bullet wounds, electrocution, broken wings and head trauma (many are often hit by cars or planes) and are treated on site by staff, or local veterinarians.

We have long admired the work that these folks do, and wanted to find out how we could get involved as a band. We toured the facility and found out from O.W.L's director that they are dependent on volunteer work to maintain upkeep of the site (almost 10,000 volunteer hours are logged every year) as well as donations from the public to pay for food, transport, medical supplies and other necessities. It costs almost $400,000 to run the facility annually, and they have received very little in the way of government funding.

This EP is our first step towards supporting O.W.L and the amazing work they do. Your download includes the original version of our song 'Wilderness Eyes' as well as two band made remixes (yes, it includes our rap version) and 100% of the proceeds goes to the group.

But wait...theres more!

As well, your purchase includes the individual track files (or 'stems') so that you can make your own remix. Email your version to remixes@41standhome.com and we'll include it in the EP. You'll get a cd for your efforts, and the best remix will be included as a bonus track on our next release. (stems can also be downloaded here: www.yousendit.com/download/T2dmRE9oZ1BwM2xBSXRVag)

If you'd like to find out more about volunteering with O.W.L. or would like to make a direct donation please visit www.owlcanada.ca.


released October 4, 2011

Patrick Fiore/George Knuff: Production
Paul Boechler: Autotune
Sejal Lal, Thom Kolb, Patrick Fiore, George Knuff: Vocals
Garth Covernton: Non-compliance

*Special thanks to Nate Owen for pushing us in the right direction.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


41st and Home Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: 2 Wilderness 4 yr Eyez (Rap Remix)
Thom: Man.....I get high on my own supply of chai and vinyl/don't worry if it's portable I'm starting a revival/got a cuff on my denim, vintage sweater but no leather/cuz the treatment of the animals ain't worth the swagger ever/as for the meat I beat it/but believe me I don't eat it/ even if its free range..grain fed..over populated even/I keep the beats fresher than your freezer can be stocking, patty step up to mic and show em that this beat is popping?

Patrick: Now, I could go write a chorus in this project of performance/as recapitulation of the suckas we be pwning/but we don't got time when these keys are hella major/and our beats are blowing up as big as major lazers pager/our shit is orchestral, we keep it real special/sensual...keep it smart cuz I'm an intellectual/I don't mind the haters who compare me to fruit/sit inside while we loot, in super classy gucci suits

We're WIIIIIIILDDDDD..when we hit the streets
WIIIIIIILLLLLLLDDDD.. when we drop the beats

George: Yo it's george...the Foreman's back bitches/grillin' up tasty rhymes, main it's delicious!/the peak performance project, I'm on my A-game, the freshness of my beats puts the others to shame/I tracked 'Raised By Wolves', I'm running these punks/ when you see me on the courts it ain't nothing but dunks/Itchiban is what it says on my gun..George K-nuff is Japanese for number 1!

Sejal: I'm a Surrey girl bustaaa/I'll muster up enough fight to put knuff in a fluster/I shred violin but I'll spit on and cuss ya/don't start nothin with this gurrrlll cuz you really shouldn't trust her/I come from Scott Road, I take the skytrain to practice/I pack a tech-9 in my purse so please don't make me grab it/I'm the only chick in a van full of boys, better treat me like a queen or I'll bust em in the*******************